Ecosteryl : Take up the best technology for medical waste disposal

  • A clean technology for the treatment of medical waste combining,
    in a continuous-flow process, powerful shredding with dry and microwave core-heating of waste.

  • A highly productive technology for the treatment of sizeable deposits.

  • Slow, highly powerful shredder on four-shaft with a screen and unshreddables management; shredder located upstream and chemically decontaminable by automatic or manual system.

  • A microwave system for continuous thermal procesing that uses
    no steam or water and does not emit any liquid or rejects in the atmosphere, no radiation or odour.

  • Sifting of homogenates to obtain a very fine grading.

  • Production of a very dry decontaminated homogenate, potentially recoverable and recyclable.

  • 100% ecological technology with zero pollution.
    ecosteryl clean medical waste technology

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