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Our Advantages

We provide a variety of innovative features and services, including efficacy and maintenance monitoring equipment for our devices, tele-maintenance service, state-of-the-art control panel and much more.


Continuous process with high productivity. Automatic loading and monitoring.


Competitive investment, low operational costs and quick return on investment.


Improve efficiency and safety with our remote industrial automation equipment.

Safe environment

Improved safety – allows good occupational safety and health practices

No environmental impact

No chemical emission, fumes, gas or vapor. No water is necessary and no waste water is rejected.


Repurposing of Medical Waste into a new resource.

About Us

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    AMB is a private family group which was established in 1947 to design and produce special machinery for the extraction industries.

    Following the decline of the mining companies and the rise of the environmental sector, AMB moved into the development of new equipment and machinery to be used for recycling, recovery and processing of medical waste. By doing this, AMB contributes to maintaining a safe, healthy environment and promoting sustainable development.

    AMB Ecosteryl now designs and manufactures equipment that provide a safe and environmentally friendly solution to medium and large hospitals as well as service providers for the treatment of biomedical waste. Ecosteryl products have processed hundreds of millions of kg of biological waste since its first installation in France.

    The company has over 10 years of experience in the commercial treatment of medical waste without burning.

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    Executive summary

    Executive summary

    • ENVIRONMENT our range of environmental initiatives, including our projects for repurposing and recycling treated medical waste, minimises waste going to landfill and our carbon footprint.
    • VALUE we provide competitive prices with customer-specific requirements, with further cost reduction and financing mechanisms in place where possible.
    • COMPLIANCE we offer products fully compliant with local and international regulations.
    • SUPPORT our sales, professional drafting and engineering team works closely with all departments throughout the business – providing comprehensive levels of customer service, commercial, technical and administrative support.
    • CAPABILITY we are in business since 1947. Over the past 10 years, we have developed equipment for the medical waste management industry.
    • INNOVATION we provide a variety of innovative feature and services, including efficacy and maintenance monitoring equipment for our devices, tele-maintenance service, state-of-the-art control panel and much more.
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    Global presence

    Global presence

    Operations Worldwide

    Leaders in France and several European countries, we have for clients some of the biggest environmental companies worldwide specialized in waste management. We provide an alternative medical waste treatment technology in many countries around the world.

    Our customers

    • Commercial Waste Processing Facilities
    • Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities
    • Pharmaceutical / Laboratory Facilities
    • Universities

    Our Premium Partners

    • Kualiti Alam (UEM Group) – Major player in the Malaysian environmental services industry

    • Kualiti Alam

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    Worldwide locations


    Global headquarters – R&D

    Avenue Copernic, 1
    B-7000 Mons Belgium

    Regional Headquarters – Europe

    Avenue de Tervueren 152
    B-1150 Brussels Belgium

    Regional Headquarters – Americas

    1800-1010 Sherbrooke West
    Montreal, QC, Canada H3A 2R7

    Manufacturing & workshops

    622 Avenue Wilson
    B-7012 Mons Belgium

Case study

Service provider now using Ecosteryl

Number of clients : 434
Number of trucks : 54

Waste collected and treated per annum : 4200 tons

Previous technology (autoclaves) - Cost per ton : $159

New technology (Ecosteryl 250) - Cost per ton : $113

Operating costs reduced by

Productivity increased by

Net profit increased after 3 years by

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Ecosteryl 75 Video

Ecosteryl 75 Video – Watch Now

We work closely with our customers to provide market-leading alternative medical waste treatment equipment – delivering quality; reliability; compliance and cost-efficiencies. Watch the video to learn more about our product lines.

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Revolutionary Innovative Medical Waste Treatment

Visit a Medical Waste Treatment Plant

Here is an ultramodern treatment centre belonging to an environmental services company, which chose Ecosteryl AMB because of its leading technology. Watch Our New Video to learn more.

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Ecosteryl 250 Video

Ecosteryl 250 Video – Watch Now

The Ecosteryl 250 system is the answer for environmental services companies and large healthcare facilities. Watch the video to learn more about our system.

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Handle a large variety of regulated medical waste, including hospital and laboratory waste, solid and liquid medical waste, pathological waste, sharp containers, etc.

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Europe, Asia & Africa

Tel : +32 65 82 26 81

Fax: +32 65 82 47 98

North & South America

Tel : +1 514 286 1458

Toll-free : +1 888 556 1556

Our Address

AMB Ecosteryl
Avenue Copernic 1
Mons 7000