Who are we ?

As a machine manufacturer for more than 70 years, Ecosteryl has developed unique expertise in the development of state-of-the-art specialized eco-friendly equipment. 

Ecosteryl aims to eradicate the environmental and health problems, associated with medical waste in the world. 

By offering the best possible technology on the market, our goal is to contribute to a safer and cleaner planet for the future generations, by becoming a leading player in the health sector and circular economy. 

We put our customers at the heart of our project with our expertise and our employees to support them. With the global problem of medical waste treatment, we assist them worldwide to successfully face health and environmental challenges. 

With more than 200 installations in over 60 countries, Ecosteryl is a leader in the management of infectious medical waste. 

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Our values


We have always been recognized as innovative and it is important to us to keep this head start.

We are looking for new solutions by mobilizing all our team. 

In order to offer a unique service, we keep on improving the experience of each customer.



We build and nurture bonds of trust.  

Being an Ecosteryl partner or customer is joining a large family as a full member. 

We offer our clients the best investment strategies.



We contribute to a sustainable environment for the planet, the relationship with our clients and our company’s durability.

Waste reuse is an integral part of our strategy focused on the circular economy. 

The robustness and durability of our machines make them the most sustainable investment on the market. 


Durabilité Ecosteryl


We make every possible effort to satisfy our customers. Our involvement is up to our ambitions. 

In accordance with the company’s vision, every employee is led to take initiatives in the search for solutions. 

The strength of the team boosts our goals’ achievement. 


Our teams

Together we will offer you the best customer experience.

Ecosteryl is co-managed by the four directors: Amélie Matton, Olivier, Romain and Phillippe Dufrasne.

Equipe R&D et diversification Ecosteryl

From a design comes a machine. From a need comes a business. This is followed by exchanges, tests and calculations.

All our machines are manufactured in our historic workshop, located a few kilometers from our offices.

Equipe commerciale

They meet you and answer your questions. They ensure that you get the machine that meets your needs.

Equipe SAV Ecosteryl

They assemble your machine and ensure a smooth shipment/delivery and training.

Behind the scenes, they make sure that everything is clear to everyone and that the accounts are correct.