125 - 175

kg / h

1 - 3.5

t / day

The minimum processing capacity of Ecosteryl 125 is 125 kg per hour. This is 1667 liters/h with a density of 0.075 kg/liter.

Ecosteryl 125 is an ideal solution if you have to treat from 1 ton to 3.5 tons medical waste per day.

Technical data
Dimensions (L x W x H) 9.5m (+ convoyor de 3 ou 6m) x 4,6m x 5m
Required dimensions treatment hall (L x W x H) 17m x 13m x 7m
Recommended height 7m
Weight 13.5 tons
Floor No specific foundation, standard soil ok
Type of process Automatic and continuous process
Electrical powers 4 axes shredder, 37 kW power Microwave generator, 12 kW power and 2450 MHz frequency
Average power consumption 45 kWh
Emission 0 emission, 100% eco-friendly
Desinfection min. 6log10
Decontaminated waste dry and recyclable
Staff required 1 person can operate 2 machines
Installation, commissioning and training On-site, by our team
Options Remote monitoring via Wi-Fi or 4G
Automated container registration using barcode
Link to the R-steryl sorting center